Executive Director

Robert Kroll, B.Sc., M.Sc.(A), Ph.D., Reg. CASLPO

As Executive Director of The Speech and Stuttering Institute, Bob works to ensure that the organization fulfills its three-fold vision and mandate: To be a lead and model agency for treatment, education and research in motor speech and fluency disorders. During his tenure at the former Clarke Institute of Psychiatry, Bob implemented one of the very first intensive treatment programs in Canada for teens and adults who stutter. The Fluency Plus programs remains  one of the core programs of the Institute and, along with the unique programs for children with motor speech disorders, attracts participants from across the province and elsewhere. Dr. Kroll’s research interests focus on neuroimaging and treatment efficacy studies, and he has numerous publications and presentations around the world. He holds an appointment with the University of Toronto.

Email Robert Kroll at: bobk@speechandstuttering.com


Program Director

Margit Pukonen, M.H.Sc., Reg. CASLPO

Margit Pukonen is the Program Director at The Speech and Stuttering Institute.  She received her Master of Health Science degree in speech-language pathology from the University of Toronto and has worked at The S&SI (formerly Speech Foundation of Ontario) since it opened its doors in the 1980s.  She manages the clinical programs at the S&SI and oversees the development and evaluation of new treatment and professional training programs.  Margit has extensive experience running and developing group therapy programs and she has conducted numerous training workshops and coauthored a chapter on the subject.  Margit is also interested in children’s motor speech disorders and was involved in developing an assessment and treatment protocol for children with motor speech difficulties.  She has participated in several research studies investigating the outcomes and effectiveness of  motor speech therapy.  She was the chair of a provincial work group on children’s motor speech disorders and is currently involved in the development of a provincial care pathway for children from 18 to over 48 months of age.  When the opportunity arises, Margit enjoys working in the clinic with children and families.  The experiences inspire and inform her work in management, development, training and research.

Email Margit Pukonen at: margitp@speechandstuttering.com

LK photoDirector of Development 

Loriellen Karam

Loriellen Karam is the Director of Development for The Speech and Stuttering Institute.  Loriellen has a long history in the not-for-profit industry, most recently as a Development Specialist for Major Gifts at the Baycrest Foundation and previously, as the Director of Membership for Holy Blossom.  Loriellen has a passion for being able to make a lasting and meaningful positive impact on the lives of others.  In her role at The S&SI, Loriellen’s current goal is to make major inroads to increase fundraising and effective communication to increase awareness and support for the organization’s mandate.

Email Loriellen Karam at: loriellenk@speechandstuttering.com