We have been very touched by the generosity of one of our former clients.  He is such an inspiration to others who have lived with speech and language challenges.  Thank you, Stephen!  Please see his link on facebook.  https://www.facebook.com/events/493865064010952/

Here is what Stephen wrote about his own experience with living and overcoming his stutter, with the help of The Speech and Stuttering Institute:

I am donating my birthday to a cause that I believe in deeply. It is my wish that you will join me to help those who struggle with speech sound production and stuttering so that they can improve and succeed. In the summer of 1999, I walked into The Speech & Stuttering Institute with courage, vulnerability, overwhelm and the determination to improve. I was a 12 year-old kid with a small stutter that was making a BIG impact on my confidence, my ability to communicate effectively, and my everyday life. I received an emotionally moving letter this November from The Speech & Stuttering Institute that has inspired me to donate my birthday to help people who struggle with speech sound production and stutters overcome their challenges so that they can communicate effectively. I have included a link to the letter below. Please help make my birthday wish a reality – my wish of raising at least $1000 for The Speech & Stuttering Institute so that others in need may improve and succeed as well.

The letter included a quote from a member of their Board of Directors that resonated with me and rings true from my own experiences. The quote describes the challenges of a person who stutters:

“Knowing the answer but not raising your hand …
Not ordering your favourite in a restaurant and choosing what’s easiest to say …
Referring to yourself as Father because you cannot say Dad …
If my parents had know I’d be a stutter they wouldn’t have named me (Stephen … not to mention my last name!) …”

It now provides me with one of the greatest senses of fulfillment to help others find their voice. Please consider taking part in my birthday wish by making a donation to the Speech & Stuttering Institute. It would mean a lot to me and even more to the people we end up being able to help. Thank you!

If we raise $700 together, we will sponsor a child in need for a 14 session block of stuttering treatment.

If we raise $1400 together, we will sponsor a teen or adult for an intensive stuttering treatment program.

How to donate – you can make a tax deductible donation to the Speech and Stuttering Institute in one of two ways:

Donate online – go to www.speechandstuttering.com and click ‘Donate Now’. You will then be directed to CanadaHelps. Please include the phrase “Stephen’s Birthday Wish” in the message section so that we can track how much we have raised. I intend to share the results within this invite.

Complete the Pledge Form – download and fill out the Pledge Form here: https://ge.tt/3I3JnJc/v/1. You can then either fax or mail the form in to the Speech & Stuttering Institute.

Stay tuned to this event page for updates on our funds raised progress!

To view the original letter I received from the Speech & Stuttering Institute, click here: https://ge.tt/3I3JnJc/v/0

Please feel to reach out to me directly with any questions by sending me a Facebook message or you can call me at 416.558.1770.

As well, you can reach the Speech & Stuttering Institute at 416.491.7771 and at www.speechandstuttering.com.

Once again, thank you for helping to make my birthday wish a reality – to help others find their voice.