In 1977, the Speech Foundation of Ontario was established to foster the development of innovative therapy programs and to support education and research in the field of communication disorders.

In the early 1980’s, the Speech Foundation purchased and equipped a house at 93 Grenville Street and launched its first clinical program after receiving a grant from the Ontario Ministry of Health to pilot group therapy for preschoolers with speech and language difficulties.

In 1997, the Speech Pathology Program at the former Clarke Institute of Psychiatry became a part of the Speech Foundation. With two distinguished programs under its umbrella the Speech Foundation forged a reputation for excellent service and leading expertise and The Speech and Stuttering Institute was born.

In 2007 the organization moved to its current location at 2-150 Duncan Mill Road.

The Speech & Stuttering Institute engages in fundraising and offers fee for service programs for children with speech problems and children and adults with stuttering problems. The Speech & Stuttering Institute is a leader in service delivery, education and research and fills a vital need in the community for hundreds of people each year.

Below are some pictures of our facilities

Client Waiting Room

Treatment Room

Therapy Supplies Room