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The Speech & Stuttering Institute relies on donations to bridge the gap between the cost of delivering our clinical programs and what people can afford. Donations allow us to provide effective evidence based clinical services for people with communication challenges (85% of the people we treat are children and youth) as well as assist families who do not have the financial resources to pay for therapy.

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There are infinite ways your support helps transform the lives of the people we treat. So many people don’t understand how debilitating a speech disorder can be unless they or a loved one experience it for themselves.

Back in March, COVID-19 changed the way we provided clinical services practically overnight. With our in-person services suspended, SSI immediately shifted exclusively to telepractice in order to continue meeting our clients’ needs.  Our clinicians worked tirelessly to ensure that our online therapy programs would continue to deliver the same high-quality intervention and meaningful results that SSI’s clients had come to expect from in-person services.

A parent of one of our young clients shared their virtual experience with us (names/identifying features changed):

Despite the virtual format, the SLP was amazing at connecting and engaging my son for the entirety of each session. She was clearly very experienced and was extremely prepared for each session. She was quick to note his interests and as such, incorporated these things into her sessions to his delight.  Her “virtual” presence was extremely warm, kind, engaging and encouraging, which immediately put him at ease. We really appreciated the follow-up activities that she prepared and emailed mid-week, so that we could continue to practice the skills/sounds that were introduced in the previous session. He genuinely enjoyed and looked forward to each session, and as such, I felt that he really progressed over the couple of months we worked with the SLP.

Lastly, I really appreciated that at the end of each session, she took the time to answer any questions I had and provide additional guidance. We were so thrilled with our experience and feel so grateful that our paths crossed. I am so happy that my son’s speech is becoming clearer, and other family/friends have also noted that he is becoming easier to understand!

We know this year has presented challenges to individuals, charitable organizations, and businesses on every level. Like many organizations, SSI is facing a number of new challenges created by the pandemic, from unexpected expenses to reduced revenue; on-site clinical sessions were on hold initially as we pivoted to telepractice, group fundraising events were cancelled, and our professional education workshops for SLPs were postponed as we redeveloped them for the online format. Despite the current economic challenges, our staff and clinicians have remained focused on what matters most – being there for the clients who rely on our help, now and in the future.

You may have suffered losses too, and if you have, we hope you will be able to rebuild. For those who have been fortunate enough not to experience the more severe financial impacts of the pandemic, SSI needs your help this year more than ever. If you are able, we hope you will support us this year.  Donations allow us to keep our effective, evidence-based clinical services accessible for people with communication challenges, as well as to assist families without the financial resources to afford therapy.

Your gift can transform the lives of children, youth and adults with often debilitating communication disorders, and can dramatically improve their quality of life.

Thank you so much for your help.

2020 SSI Annual Appeal