Click here for PDF copy of SSI Privacy Policy August 2020

The Speech & Stuttering Institute is committed to protecting your privacy. We collect personal information
about you and/or your child and family (e.g. age, home address, e-mail address, phone number,
developmental and medical history) so that we can provide the best and most appropriate speech and
language services. We are required by law to keep your personal information private. This information
sheet explains the reasons we collect personal information and how it is used and protected.
The information you give us and that is collected by our staff during intake, assessment and treatment is
used to provide you/your child with the best possible speech-language services. The information may
also be shared with students who are doing clinical placements at our Institute. The information we collect
may also be used for other purposes such as evaluating our programs, for quality improvement projects
and for collecting statistics.
We only share your information with those individuals who need it to provide you/your child with speechlanguage services. We also give your information to those who have a legal right to it. These individuals
may include:
• You or the person making decisions for you.
• The Speech & Stuttering Institute staff involved in providing services to you.
• Students doing clinical placements at our Institute.
• Service providers that are contracted by The Speech & Stuttering Institute.
• Individuals working for Health Regulatory agencies as required by regulations or the law.
• Other people, with your consent or where required by law (e.g. supplemental benefit providers).
• We take special measures to ensure that your information remains private and access to your records
is restricted.
• We ask for your consent before we share your information with anyone for any purpose other than
providing speech and language services at our Institute.
• We keep your information accurate and as up to date as possible. You may see the information we
collect about you and your family at any time.
• We keep your information for as long as it is needed for continuity of care or required by law.
• We only use your personal information for research and education purposes with your consent.
• We investigate any of your concerns regarding how we collect and protect your information.
• We advise you that communication via e-mail is not guaranteed to be secure and ask for your
consent to send and receive personal information via email.
• We advise you that we take measures to maximize privacy and security settings for sessions held via
videoconferencing and ask for your acknowledgment of the risks and for your consent to participate.
As a non-profit organization, The Speech & Stuttering Institute raises money to support our programs and
may contact you during a fundraising campaign. Only names, addresses, phone numbers and email
addresses are used for fundraising purposes. No other information is shared. The money you donate to
The Speech & Stuttering Institute will be used to improve our clinical programs and support our subsidy
program for clients in financial need. You may ask to be removed from the fundraising contact list at any
time by contacting our Clinical Director at 416-491-7771, ext. 236, or by sending us an email at The services you receive will not be affected if you decide not to
participate in our fundraising activities.
If you have any questions, comments or requests, please contact our Clinical Director at:
Phone: 416-491-7771, ext. 236
Fax: 416-491-7215
Address: 95 Barber Greene Rd, Suite 308, Toronto, ON, M3C 3E9

Revised August 2020

Click here for PDF copy of SSI In House Policies August 2020

Welcome to the new location of The Speech & Stuttering Institute at 95 Barber Greene Rd,
Suite 308!

Please help us to maintain a safe environment for all of our clients and staff
members by following the policies below:
• To ensure client safety and confidentiality, please do not enter rooms or offices other
than the therapy room indicated by your clinician.
• Please do not use your cell phone during therapy sessions without clinician consent.
• To make or take cell phone calls, please step out to the elevator area and monitor your
volume to maintain your privacy and to ensure a quiet environment for other clients, staff
and visitors to the building.
• Please do not use your cell phone or other electronic device to record video or audio
during a therapy session.
• Please keep noise to a minimum when walking in the halls.
• Please do not bring food into the clinic. If you or your child need to eat during your visit,
please speak with the receptionist regarding an appropriate location.
• Please do not wear scented products as some individuals are highly sensitive to strong
scents and fragrances.
• Please do not leave your child unsupervised at any time.
• Please accompany your child to the washroom. Washrooms are located just beyond the
glass doors outside the entrance to our clinic.

COVID-19: During the COVID-19 pandemic, the health and safety of our clients and staff are of
the utmost importance. We continue to monitor public health guidance and the
recommendations of the Ministry of Health and our regulatory body, CASLPO, in order to
update our policies for on-site assessment/treatment sessions accordingly. Please follow the
policies and procedures for in-person visits and pre-visit screening as communicated by your
SLP (and posted on our website) at the time of your appointment.
If you have any questions regarding the above, please feel free to speak with your clinician. We
greatly appreciate your cooperation.

Revised August 2020