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150 Duncan Mill Rd. Unit 2
Toronto, ON M3B 3M4
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Phone: 416-491-7771
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Speech-Language Pathology Blog

Folder Games for Motor Speech Therapy

Speech therapy can be hard work for kids – there’s no doubt about it!  For kids with motor speech difficulties, it’s especially true.  One of the key ingredients of motor speech therapy is repetition: each therapy session needs to pack in as many practice opportunities as possible.  Practice and repetition can help speech tasks go from hard and effortful to easy and automatic.  But kids are kids, so repetitive practice also has to be fun to keep them motivated. So [...]

Making the first call to a Speech Therapist

Sometimes parents know when it’s time to call a speech therapist for their child. Maybe the doctor suggested a speech-language assessment for your toddler, and your supplemental benefits will pay for the appointment while you wait for a spot in the province’s Preschool Speech and Language Service. Maybe your child still needs help with speech after reaching the maximum number of sessions at school. However, sometimes parents aren’t sure if it’s time to call a speech [...]

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