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ASD Speech Therapy Program

General Program Information

Many children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) struggle to learn how to speak. We have identified the need to provide treatment for children with ASD who are communicating well in other ways (for example, using picture boards or computer-based systems) and are showing interest in talking, but are having a hard time learning to speak.

The ASD program serves preschool and school-aged children who have a diagnosis of ASD, are consistently communicating with others (to ask for things, make comments, and ask questions) and have difficulty producing or pronouncing speech sounds.

In this fee-for-service program, children participate in individual sessions with a Speech-Language Pathologist for 45 minutes per week.  Parents attend the program with their children.  Sessions are offered during regular business hours at our Duncan Mill Road clinic.

Not all children with ASD who have challenges with speaking will qualify for this program.  All children are seen for an initial assessment prior to their enrollment in the program.  Therapy sessions focus on improving speech production. Click here for a printable summary of our ASD speech program

We have created a visual guide for children, with photos of the clinic and detailed information about what to expect at their first visit. Parents often find it helpful to review the story with their children prior to their appointment. Click here to download the story.

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For more information or to refer your child, please contact Carolyn Spavor at:
(416) 491-7771 ext. 233
(fax) 416-491-7215

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