Donating appreciated stocks, securities or mutual funds directly to The Speech and Institute is more cost effective than selling the stock and making a cash gift. There are many attractive tax incentives available to you with this program.

Thanks to changes in the Federal budget of May 2006, you no longer have to pay capital gains tax when you donate a gift of appreciated securities. If you donate stock to charity, you pay no capital gains and receive a tax receipt for the full value of the stock. This makes donating appreciated stock one of the most effective ways to donate.

Download The Speech and Stuttering Institute Securities transfer form

Please notify Loriellen Karam at 416-491-7771 x 243 or of your pending donation and ensure that a copy of the completed form is also forwarded to your broker/investment advisor who will be responsible for the transfer.

*If you are considering a donation like appreciated stock, securities or mutual funds, we encourage you to consult your own financial and legal advisors. They will ensure your donation is tailor made to your personal circumstances to maximize your tax advantage.