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The mandate of The Speech & Stuttering Institute is three-fold: To provide clinical service, to educate and train professionals throughout the province, and to engage in cutting edge research to unearth the root causes of speech related challenges in order to find the most effective treatment methods.

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The Speech and Stuttering Institute is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for those with speech and stuttering challenges.

The Speech and Stuttering Institute has recently been given the prestigious designation from the Ontario Government as a “Centre for Training and Development”. This designation means that the Government is relying on our Institute to help create speech and stuttering guidelines across the Province of Ontario. This designation is a result of the Institute’s many years of conducting research to inform our evidence based speech and stuttering treatment programs.

We are a team of speech-language pathologists with extensive experience in the areas of articulation and speech sound disorders, including motor speech impairments, such as childhood apraxia of speech (CAS).  Our clinicians are trained in the PROMPT system (Prompts for Restructuring Oral Muscular Phonetic Targets), which has been found to be an effective tool for the treatment of motor speech disorders.

 Our speech therapy programs are made possible through the generosity of donors as well as client fees.

NEW! We are excited to announce the launch of our new telepractice treatment option for fluency disorders. As the reputation of The Speech & Stuttering Institute has grown, we have received more and more requests from people across the province who find it difficult to attend our programs in person. As such, we are offering assessment and treatment services for people of all ages who stutter through our secure telepractice platforms.

To make a referral for any of our programs, please contact Teri Madio, Intake Coordinator, 416-491-7771 ext. 224,, (fax) 416-491-7215

Children’s Speech Therapy Programs include customized treatment programs for children with motor speech problems or fluency (stuttering) disorders. The treatment approaches we have developed for these programs address the child’s area of weakness within language-based activities and social interaction. Therapy sessions for the motor speech program focus on improving speech production as well as sound awareness skills, and in the stuttering program the focus is on teaching children specific techniques to increase fluency and to communicate more effectively. The Fluency Plus program for stuttering has been recognized internationally as an effective treatment for stuttering.

 ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) Speech Therapy Program serves children from senior kindergarten to grade 3 who have a diagnosis of ASD, are consistently communicating with others (to ask for things, make comments and ask questions) and have moderate to severe speech difficulties.

Adult/Teen Stuttering Therapy Programs are offered for individuals who stutter. Programs are offered in weekly or intensive group formats. Our three-week Intensive Fluency Plus Program for stuttering is one of only a handful in the world and its results can be quite dramatic. Participants are followed for one year after the program in order to facilitate the consolidation of fluency skills.

Stuttering Camp is geared to helping school aged children, ages 7-14 learn and practice skills to manage the fluency of their speech, again through fun and engaging activities during the summer months.

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