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Stuttering Programs

Our treatment programs are designed to assist children, adolescents and/or adults to manage stuttering effectively.

These programs are unique in that they provide clients and their families with a specific set of techniques with which to produce fluent speech.

Adult & Teen Stuttering Programs
Children’s Stuttering Programs
Therapy via Telepractice

About Stuttering

The ability to produce speech that is smooth, forward moving and effortless is taken for granted by most individuals – except those who stutter.

  • Stuttering is a speech disorder characterized by a lack of fluency
  • A person who stutters repeats words and parts of words, prolongs sounds, has difficulty producing sounds and generally speaks in fragmented phrases
  • Due to the frustration and embarrassment caused by this problem, stuttering is usually accompanied by anxiety about speaking
  • The person who stutters often acquires secondary behaviours, such as eye-blinking, head jerks or facial grimaces, in an attempt to speak
  • Stuttering can impact self-confidence and self-esteem and can seriously limit educational, social and career options.

Stuttering is a chronic condition that usually begins between the ages of 3 and 6 and often persists through adulthood.

Stuttering affects approximately one out of every 100 persons

Inquiries about any of our fluency programs can be made by contacting:
Teri Madio, Intake Coordinator at:
416-491-7771 ext. 224
(fax) 416-491-7215