Stuttering Programs

Our treatment programs are designed to assist children, adolescents and adults manage stuttering effectively.  Our team of four stuttering clinicians have over 45 years of combined clinical and teaching experience in the area of stuttering.  Since 1975, The Speech and Stuttering Institute has provided therapy for over 4,000 individuals who stutter (ranging from 2-85 years of age) from across Canada and various countries around the world.  Our evidence-based approach to treatment has been published and we are involved in the training of students and SLPs across the province.

Children’s Stuttering Programs (ages 1-13)
Adult & Teen Stuttering Programs (ages 14-85+)
Therapy via Telepractice
Refresher Programs (for past clients)
Summer Fluency Programs (Ages 9-adult)

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    About Stuttering

    The ability to produce speech that is smooth, forward moving and effortless is taken for granted by most individuals – except those who stutter.

    • Stuttering is a speech disorder characterized by a lack of fluency
    • A person who stutters repeats words and parts of words, prolongs sounds, has difficulty producing sounds and generally speaks in fragmented phrases
    • Due to the frustration and embarrassment caused by this problem, stuttering is usually accompanied by anxiety about speaking
    • The person who stutters often acquires secondary behaviours, such as eye-blinking, head jerks or facial grimaces, in an attempt to speak
    • Stuttering can impact self-confidence and self-esteem and can seriously limit educational, social and career options.

    Stuttering is a chronic condition that usually begins between the ages of 3 and 6 and often persists through adulthood.

    Stuttering affects approximately one out of every 100 persons